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Do I have togive a recorded statement to the insurance company adjuster?


An insurance company adjuster will try to convince you that unless you give a recorded statement that they will not fix your car and nothing can get done.  They also may say things like "It's just our policy" or "everyone has to give a recorded statement" or "I just need to record a few details".  I strongly advise people not to give recorded statements, especially not right after the accident or car wreck.
The primary reason is that you may forget to mention an injury.  I have seen clients who say something similar to "my neck is what really hurts" or "I've got a lot of back pain and neck pain" and the adjuster will take that as only my back or neck hurts.  This can later cause problems is an ache in your knee or shoulder is something more serious.  I have even had adjuster's say that your client didn't mention their upper back pain only their neck pain so we don't want to pay for that.
You can give a statement that only talks about the accident and not your injuries.  This is a liability only recorded statement.  Sometimes we do these in my office.  It is usually done on cases where there is a sideswipe impact or on a failure to yield type case.  We also will do them on a slip and fall case.
A recorded statement is always done to try and find a weakness in your case.  They want to know how fast you were going or to look for some reason to blame you for the accident.  We handle many Atlanta car accident cases in my office.  We don't do many recorded statements for car wrecks in my office.  We will set up the claim and send the accident report to the insurance company.  This usually is all that is needed unless you have a more complicated car accident case.   

Shane Smith
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