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I think I’m depressed about my accident and I’ve heard that head injuries can cause depression. Is this true? And should I get checked out?


After a fall, motor vehicle accident, or other incident that caused you to suffer a head injury or traumatic brain injury, you may be more prone to depression. Research indicates that those with left hemisphere brain damage are more likely to suffer from depression than those with right hemisphere damage. However, specific symptoms of head trauma may vary from person to person.

Whether you suffered a closed head injury, mild head injury, skull fracture, or traumatic brain injury in Peachtree City, you may notice that it is difficult to concentrate and that you have difficulty with your memory following the injury. Additionally, you may have more headaches, dizziness, personality changes, and mood swings. Because of these changes and difficulties that have occurred as a result of your accident, you may be unhappy about what has happened to you; however, you may also be battling depression caused by a brain injury. This is why it is critical for you to consult with a neurologist to get your head checked out and discuss what you are experiencing. Your injury may be responsible for your depression.

If someone else caused your accident and injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. To find out more about your rights to a financial recovery for your medical bills and other expenses, call Peachtree City personal injury lawyer Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999. You will receive a free, no-obligation consultation simply by calling today.

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