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My son was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident and he hit his head on the dashboard, suffering a brain injury. What are the long-term effects of an injury like this?


As an Atlanta brain injury lawyer, I am sorry to hear this news. The Law Offices of Shane Smith has represented many brain injury victims and knows firsthand how difficult the road to recovery can be. Depending on the type of brain injury sustained in the crash, recovery can take anywhere from three months for a minor brain injury to a lifetime for a severe brain injury.

There are many factors that can determine what the long-term effects of brain injury will be. These factors could include:

  • Age—the younger the better for healing
  • Duration of coma—the longer the coma, the worse
  • The presence of bleeding in the brain
  • Trauma and site of injury

The amount of trauma the brain sustains can determine if a person will or will not suffer long-term effects or be left with permanent disabilities.  Many people with brain injuries can recover with rehabilitation programs. Although some may recover from their injury physically, they may be left with cognitive and emotional difficulties, behavioral changes, memory lapses, and other long-term effects. Unfortunately, some people who are left in a coma or persistent vegetative state suffer for a lifetime.

The extent of your son’s brain injury will determine the scope and length of his rehabilitation and determine whether or not he will suffer long-term effects. If your son was injured due to no fault of his own, he may be entitled to compensation by filing an Atlanta brain injury lawsuit. To find out more, call an experienced brain injury attorney in Georgia at the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 today for a free consultation.

Shane Smith
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