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What does it take to win a case against a supermarket after a slip and fall?


In order to have a winning case against a supermarket like Kroger, victims have to establish a couple of things. Specifically, two types of conditions must be met in order to pursue a case against a grocery store, including:

  • Injuries – Did you suffer an injury from falling? If you suffered more than a scrape or bruise, you may be due significant damages. Your injury may require a cast, surgery, physical therapy, and time off of work. You may not be able to drive, care for yourself, or participate in the things you are used to doing. When your injury limits your movement and causes you lost income and medical bills, you should seek compensation from the liable party.
  • Negligence – Did the supermarket cause the accident that led to your injury? If the supermarket was negligent or caused the accident because of a direct action on their part, you have enough evidence to pursue a Georgia slip-and-fall case for damages. 

Attempting to win a negligence case against a supermarket can be challenging and overwhelming. For assistance with your case, turn to a skilled Georgia slip-and-fall lawyer for help making sure you are protecting your rights, preserving evidence, and taking all the necessary steps to make sure you have the best chance of winning your case.

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