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My son was badly injured after a football game by a drunk driver. Is our case against the driver or the stadium for serving that driver alcohol?


It depends. The drunk driver may have brought his or her own beer to the game. Game goers have been known to consume alcohol while tailgating at football stadiums prior to games, and some still manage to smuggle alcohol into the stadium. Additionally, many football fans have post-game tailgating parties. Unfortunately, people don’t have anywhere to go following a post-game tailgating party, which is why so many football fans get in their vehicles and drive away impaired instead of calling a taxi or someone to come pick them up.

If the drunk driver bought alcohol at a sports bar in the stadium or at a concession stand, the stadium could be found liable under the Georgia dram shop law. When an employee of a business can noticeably tell if a customer is intoxicated and serves the customer more alcohol anyways, the business could be partially liable for a Georgia DUI victim’s damages.

You may have a claim against both the drunk driver and the business establishment, depending on the facts. Because of this, it is wise to involve a drunk driving victim attorney. A skilled lawyer will interview witnesses and investigate to determine which party your Georgia DUI victim claim should be against.

If the drunk driver consumed his or her own alcohol, your claim will be against the drunk driver and his or her insurance company. However, a venue such as a stadium might share in the responsibility. Call a Georgia drunk driving victim attorney who advocates for the victims of devastating crashes at the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770.487.8999 for a free consultation today.

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