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§ 40-6-45. Further limitations on driving on left of center of roadway

§ 40-6-45.  Further limitations on driving on left of center of roadway

   (a) No vehicle shall be driven on the left side of a roadway designed and authorized for traffic traveling in opposite directions under the following conditions:

   (1) When approaching or upon the crest of a grade or a curve in the highway where the driver's view is obstructed within such distance as to create a hazard in the event another vehicle might approach from the opposite direction;

   (2) When traversing any:

      (A) Intersection which is clearly marked by a solid barrier line placed on the right-hand element of a combination stripe along the center or lane line or by a solid double yellow line; or

      (B) Railroad grade crossing; or

   (3) When the view is obstructed upon approaching within 100 feet of any bridge, viaduct, or tunnel.

(b) The foregoing limitations shall not apply upon a one-way roadway nor under the conditions described in paragraph (2) of subsection (a) of Code Section 40-6-40 nor to the driver of a vehicle turning left into or from an alley, private road, driveway, or roadway.

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