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You Can Afford to Keep Your Child Safe: 30 of the Best Booster Seats for $15 and Up

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released its 2011 booster seat ratings. If your child's booster seat was one of six that were rated not recommended by the IIHS, you may be concerned. You want to keep your child safe in the event of an Atlanta car crash, but you can't afford to pay $200 for a top-of-the line booster seat. What should you do?


The good news is that a properly fitted booster seat can cost as little as $15. Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith has provided a list of 30 "Best Bet" car seats in order of price. On this list, there are seats to fit almost anyone's budget.


  1. $15 - Harmony Youth Booster Seat, backless booster seat

  2. $20 - Harmony Cruz Youth Booster/Harmony Carpooler, backless car seat

  3. $25 - Evenflo Big Kid Amp, backless booster seat

  4. $30 - Evenflo Big Kid Sport, used in backless mode only

  5. $30 - Harmony Olympian/Secure Comfort Deluxe, backless booster seat

  6. $40 - BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat, backless booster seat

  7. $40 - Cosco Pronto, used in highback mode only

  8. $50 - Graco TurboBooster (Baldwin), used in highback mode only

  9. $50 - Harmony Dreamtime Comfort, used in highback or backless mode

  10. $70 - TurboBooster Elite, used in highback mode only

  11. $70 - Safety 1st Boost Air Protect, high back booster seat

  12. $80 - Eddie Bauer Auto Booster, used in highback mode only

  13. $80 - Evenflo Maestro, high back booster seat

  14. $90 - Recaro Vivo, high back booster seat

  15. $90 - The First Years Pathway B570, high back booster seat

  16. $120 - Recaro ProBOOSTER, high back booster seat

  17. $130 - Chicco KeyFit Strada, used in highback mode only

  18. $150 - Britax Parkway SGL, used in highback mode only

  19. $150 - Diono/Sunshine Kids Monterey, used in highback mode only

  20. $150 - Kids Embrace Dale Earnhardt Jr. , high back booster seat

  21. $150-$200 - Cybex Solution X-Fix, high back booster seat

  22. $180 - Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR, used in highback mode only

  23. $180 - Safety 1st S1 Rümi Air, high back booster seat

  24. $200 - Graco Argos 70, used in highback mode only

  25. $225 - Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Seat, high back booster seat

  26. $225 - Recaro ProSPORT, high back booster seat

  27. $250 - Britax Frontier 85 SICT, high back booster seat

  28. $250 - Evenflo Symphony 65 e3, high back booster seat

  29. $250 - Ferrari Dreamway SP, used in highback mode only

  30. $200-$300 - Clek Oobr, used in highback mode only


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