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Improper Supervision at Day Care Centers

Choosing a day care is an extremely important decision for every parent. Deciding who you can trust to watch your child every day while you are at work can be stressful and complicated. However, once you carefully choose a day care, you naturally expect that you can trust that they will take good care of your child. However, even the most highly respected day care facilities can have accidents happen. When you receive a call at work that your child has been injured at day care, you likely have many questions. An experienced PI lawyer can help answer your questions and hold the day care center responsible for any negligent actions.


Sometimes children get injured simply by accident. However, some day care injuries happen because the owner or a member of the staff acted in a negligent manner. The most common type of negligence at a day care facility is usually improper supervision. Some common accidents that happen due to improper supervision include:


  • Falls from playground equipment or furniture
  • Children consuming poisonous substances
  • Children injuring each other
  • Children wandering off or getting picked up by a stranger
  • Getting extremities slammed in drawers, doors, or other small spaces


These are only a few of the examples of accidents that happen due to improper and negligent supervision. Some of these accidents can, unfortunately cause serious injuries to your child.

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