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What Should I Do after my Child Sustains a Playground Injury?

Playgrounds are a great place for children to exercise and learn important social skills while interacting with others their age. Unfortunately, they also present a risk of injury to playing children, particularly when they are poorly maintained or their equipment is out-of-date. When kids sustain injuries due to the negligence of those responsible for the maintenance of a playground, they and their families may be able to recover for their losses by filing a Georgia personal injury claim. Anyone whose child has been injured in a playground accident should be certain to have their case reviewed by an experienced Fayette Country personal injury attorney as soon as possible.


Not every playground injury gives rise to a legal cause of action. If for example, your child trips while running and skins his or her knee simply due to a misstep, you most likely would not be able to sue. The central question in all personal injury cases is whether someone’s negligence caused the injury. In the context of a playground, negligence could be rusty equipment, lack of shock-absorbent material on the ground, improperly assembled equipment, or dangerous debris in the area. After a playground injury occurs, caregivers should be certain to take the following steps:


  • Make note of the condition that caused the injury. If possible, take photographs.
  • Take your child to a pediatrician for a complete medical evaluation. This will ensure that his or her injuries are properly diagnosed as well as officially documented.
  • Determine who is responsible for the maintenance of the playground and report the incident.
  • Contact an attorney.

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