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The Effects of Deadly Norcross DUI Accidents on Children

Drinking and driving in Georgia is a serious offense and is responsible for killing many people. The effects of drunk driving are extensive, as someone is killed every 53 minutes and every 90 seconds someone is injured. Sadly, some of the people killed in Norcross DUI crashes are parents of young children.

When children lose their parents, they can never be replaced. Unfortunately, many children across this nation have to grow up without their mommy and daddy around because a careless driver got behind the wheel impaired. For those children who have lost their parents, life will never be the same.

When Drinking and Driving Leaves Children Without Their Parents

Children are suddenly faced with the fact that they will never see their parents, get a hug from mommy, play basketball with daddy, or hear their voices again. This new reality is often very difficult and confusing for young children to deal with. In fact, most child DUI victims in Georgia don’t know how to handle their emotions. They often blame themselves and go through the different stages of grief—feeling guilt, anger, and sadness. These emotions are often shown through crying, yelling, or withdrawing.

Sadly, a child’s world is turned upside down as they lose their whole world—their parents. When children are faced with living life without their parents, grandparents or other relatives often have to step in and raise the kids who were orphaned by drunk drivers. Although a relative may be able to help raise an orphaned child, the loss of a mother or father is irreplaceable.

The Fact of the Matter Is: Drunk Drivers Cause Heartache

All because people selfishly have too much to drink and get behind the wheels of their vehicles drunk, families are ripped apart and children suffer needlessly in the event of a deadly Norcross DUI accident. This is why children and guardians of the children should hold the drunk drivers accountable for their negligent actions. Although no amount of money will ever be able to bring back a child’s mother or father, a child will need the financial support that his or her  parents were supposed to provide.

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