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New distracted driving law: texting while driving banned in Georgia

Posted on Jun 06, 2010

Starting July 1, texting while driving will be against the law in the state of Georgia.
The Georgia state Assembly passed a law (HB23) forbidding texting and cell phone use by drivers under the age of eighteen.  They passed another law (SB360) banning texting by all Georgia drivers. On June 5, 2010, Georgia governor Sonny Perdue signed the two bills into law. They go into effect next month.
SB360 is also known as Caleb’s Law. It is named for Caleb Sorohan, an eighteen-year-old driver who died in a Morgan County car wreck while texting and driving last December. His friend and family supported both laws.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes an estimated 6,000 deaths and half-a-million injuries to distracted driving in 2008. While cell phone use and texting are not the only forms of distracted driving, it is hoped that banning texting and restricting cell phone use by drivers will reduce the number of distracted driving accidents and injuries in Georgia.
If you have lost a loved one to a distracted driver, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999. We are here to help.

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