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Roswell Pedestrian Accident Leaves Teen with Broken Hips

Posted on Jul 09, 2013

A Roswell teenager was seriously injured in a pedestrian accident on Holcomb Bridge Road on June 8, 2013. Pedestrian Cyril Teal, 17, is now home from the hospital where his life is drastically different, and he is now starting his long road to recovery.

This Roswell pedestrian accident occurred weeks ago when a driver of a pickup truck ran Teal down. According to Roswell police, Kevin Kissell, of Canton, drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk and pinned Teal underneath the vehicle. Police are awaiting the toxicology test, but they believe that Kissell may have been driving under the influence of drugs.  

Kissell drove across several lanes of traffic on Holcomb Bridge Road, near Riverwood Lane, and up onto the sidewalk where Teal was walking. Although Kissell told Channel 2 that he was sorry about what happened, he has not admitted to being behind the wheel. However, charges are pending—awaiting the official results of the toxicology test to come back.

Teal was taken to the hospital and was treated for two broken hips, a broken arm, and other injuries. Teal was able to come home but is supposed to be in a wheelchair for three months as his injuries heal. 

Tia Merriweather, Teal’s mother, told Channel 2 that Teal will be confined to the living room because her home is not wheelchair accessible. Sadly, this accident has changed Teal’s life and hers, as he is completely dependent on others.

Teal told Channel 2 that he would like to see Kissell pay for what happened to him because he could have died.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith would like to wish Teal a full and fast recovery. 

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