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Two School Buses Crash in Covington Injuring Over 50

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

A school bus accident in Covington occurred on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, on Highway 162 near McGiboney Place. Authorities reported that this bus crash involved two Newton County school buses that were transporting children and adults.

Georgia State Patrol stated that as one school bus stopped to unload a child, the second bus rear-ended the bus ahead. The children onboard the buses were students from Rocky Plains Elementary School. According to authorities, 43 were transported by EMS to hospitals. The majority of those injured were taken to Newton Medical Center, and some were transported to Rockdale Medical Center for treatment. However, there were 53 people involved in the crash, leaving some parents concerned as to why their children did not receive medical treatment.

One parent told Channel 2 that she took her daughter to the hospital after the wreck because the school did not. Melinda Davidson asked, “How did you all pick who was going to the hospital and who wasn’t?” The school administrators released a statement saying that all of the children involved were treated at the accident scene.

According to officials, none of the students involved in this Georgia bus crash appear to have any serious injuries, as most reports were of bumps and bruises. However, one family said their daughter suffered a chipped tooth and a concussion in the impact. She told her mom that she “couldn’t really see anything, just black, when I woke up I just felt the bus moving and when I looked down at the ground there was glass everywhere.” She said that she hit her face on the seat and then fell back on the floor. 

Following the bus crash, the Georgia State Patrol and the Department of Public Safety conducted an inspection and examined the skid marks. They determined that the brakes did not fail. Authorities indicated that the bus driver accused of causing the wreck may be cited for following too closely and disciplinary action is pending. According to a family member, the bus driver suffered a broken sternum and is on medical leave.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith wishes all those injured in this school bus accident a complete and speedy recovery.

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