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What Questions Should I Ask after A Slip and Fall Accident?

Shane Smith
Advocate for the Seriously Injured in Georgia

http://www.shanesmithlaw.com/  In this video, premises liability attorney Shane Smith discusses important questions that should be asked after a slip and fall accident. These questions can provide answers that are pertinent to obtaining a recovery.


One of the things we look for in a slip and fall case is where the substance came from. Was it from someone spilling something, from an item on a shelf, or from a leaky ceiling? If it is from a leaky ceiling, we will look at the ceiling tiles and question the repair history for that area. We may also look at one of the refrigerated cases in a grocery store because many times they will have recurring leaks. We want to obtain the repair history if a slip and fall accident has occurred near one of these cases.  All of these instances show that the store had prior knowledge and made a commercial decision to take the risk and not repair the leak.  This type of information is very helpful to an injured party seeking a recovery.


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