Gryphon Smith

Gryphon Smith

Exercise Manager
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  • Law Offices of Shane Smith
  • 900 Westpark Dr Ste 310 Peachtree City, GA 30269
  • (678) 788-7140

Gryphon works in the Law Offices of Shane Smith as the Exercise Manager. His primary job duty is to ensure the staff stays healthy and fit. He accomplishes this in a number of ways, including nipping at heels, climbing into hard-to-reach places so the staff will get a workout while retrieving him, and tirelessly roaming the outdoors for the perfect bathroom location with his exercise subject in tow.

Gryphon has always enjoyed exercising, but he takes a special interest in nutrition.  In fact, he conducts experiments on how much nutrition he can intake in one sitting, and he is doing an excellent job if he does say so himself!

Gryphon's hobbies include harassing his brother, Gizmo, chewing anything he can get his teeth on, rooting for food... and did we say harassing his brother?

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