The commercial truck industry transports countless types of cargo across the United States on a daily basis.  There are several different types of commercial vehicles on the roads and highways, each one tailored to the specific type of cargo that needs to be moved.  Flatbed trucks are a certain type of commercial truck in which the trailer is simply a flat bed with no sides or roof.  These trucks are designed for ease of loading certain types of cargo that does not have to be protected from rain or other elements while traveling.  Cargo may be loaded from three of the sides of the truck since there are no walls on the trailer, allowing more workers to assist and the loading process to go faster.  However, flatbed trucks also can cause devastating accidents and injuries if something goes wrong on the roads.  If you have been injured in an accident with a flatbed truck or other type of commercial vehicle, you should consult with an experienced Coweta County truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help you recover.

Cargo on flatbed trucks often includes heavy equipment, construction vehicles, large metal pipes, lumber, motors, building materials, concrete slabs, and much more.  This cargo is often large, bulky, and of awkward shapes and sizes.  Therefore, the type of cargo on flatbed trucks may be more difficult to completely secure.  Because there are no walls on the truck, however, properly securing the cargo is imperative to the safety of all of the other motorists on the road.  If large, heavy pieces of cargo fall off of a flatbed truck and hit other cars, the resulting injuries will almost always be devastating if not fatal.  Following a flatbed truck accident, the first thing to be examined is whether the cargo had been properly loaded and secured onto the truck prior to the driving shift.  Also, flatbed drivers are supposed to regularly inspect the cargo to ensure it remains properly secured.

If you or a loved one suffered injury in a flatbed truck accident, contact a dedicated truck accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to call (980) 246-2656 today.

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