Hiring a Columbus, Georgia, Accident Lawyer for a DUI Injury (Part A)

After a serious car accident in Columbus, Georgia, an accident lawyer is a common source of guidance for victims seeking to file a personal injury claim. When your accident was caused by a suspected drunk driver, you need lawyers that get it – experienced legal help from someone who understands drunk driving cases. 

Not all Atlanta personal injury lawyers know how to handle a drunk driving injury claim, and we are here to explain how to hire a lawyer with that knowledge. 

How to Hire a Lawyer: Research First

Not all Atlanta personal injury lawyers were created equal when it comes to handling car accidents. Some only know how to deal with a basic claim of 2 drivers and a serious injury. Then there are the lawyers who get it – they know how to take on more complex cases like what happens when the driver who caused your accident was drunk.

You need a Columbus, Georgia accident lawyer who is focused on the type of personal injury claim you have. You don’t want a generalist lawyer who takes on any case; you want to know how to hire a lawyer with specific focus on helping victims of a drunk driver’s negligence.

When first meeting with a potential lawyer, make sure they aren’t just looking at your case as a simple car accident injury claim. A drunk driving injury claim can often be very different than settling a regular claim because there is the potential that you will be dealing with both an injury claim and a criminal case.

There are many Atlanta personal injury lawyers out there, but only a few lawyers that get it. Just like doctors, there are generalists and specialists, so you should take the time to research any Columbus, Georgia, accident lawyer you are considering to determine if they focus on DUI injury claims or just general injury claims.

Having a lawyer who focuses on your specific type of injury claim is important when it comes to seeking a fair settlement. DUI injury accidents often result in much more serious or fatal injuries than accidents with sober drivers due to the higher nature of distraction and unpredictability drunk drivers have. 

Working with a lawyer with experience in settling accident cases caused by drunk drivers means you can often have more information and resources in your case than when you handle it alone. Calculating the value of your injuries is simple for current expenses, but can you determine a fair estimate for future expenses?

The more serious your damages, the more difficult it may be to obtain the full compensation you are entitled to. Continue reading to learn why contacting a Columbus, Georgia accident lawyer with DUI injury experience is your best choice for representation.
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