How a Commercial/Semi Truck Accident Differs from a Passenger Vehicle Crash (Part A)

Any motor vehicle accident can end in tragedy, but commercial truck accidents are notorious for the consistently profound level of damage they cause, both to passengers and to the vehicles involved. 

Many semi truck accident are often caused by a negligent driver. The sheer mass of a big rig increases the dangerousness of a semi truck accident, but heightened damage isn’t the only aspect that differs between a commercial truck accident and a passenger vehicle crash. 

In addition to the physical devastation that accompanies a big rig collision, a more insidious consequence often follows in the form of dealing with the commercial truck accident liability insurers. Just like you have bodily injury and property liability coverage for your automobiles, truck companies are required to carry insurance for all of their vehicles. 

Companies pay high premiums for these policies, and the insurance companies themselves are famously aggressive in their defense against potential accident claims. Because of the high damage associated with truck accidents, insurance payouts can be for large sums, so to maximize profits and minimize losses, commercial truck insurance providers resort to unscrupulous tactics in order to justify dismissing claims. 

For this reason and others, it’s important that you consult with a lawyer who is familiar with the tactics of big rig truck companies and their insurers and can counter their efforts to dismiss or reduce your legitimate claim. 

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help 

If you’ve been injured in a semi truck accident by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation for the value of your:  

  • medical costs;
  • lost wages; and
  • other damages.  

The losses involved in a semi truck accident can be tremendous, and you shouldn’t try to pursue the recovery of damages by yourself. Contact a truck accident lawyer who knows how to handle truck accident cases like yours, and can prepare you for the arduous process of a personal injury claim. 

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