Peachtree City Truck Accident Attorneys Explains Truck Drive Negligence (Part A)

According to Peachtree City truck accident attorneys, fraud is becoming increasingly common, and the trucking industry is not immune to its effects. Because of the shortage of drivers in many states, many truck driving schools and certified testers are illegally passing students and giving them fraudulent licenses. This is leading to increased truck driver negligence on the roadways throughout theUnited States. These truck drivers, who often have little knowledge about how to drive huge 18-wheeler trucks, end up in horrific crashes that kill unsuspecting victims.

The Statistics

The Department of Transportation Services (DOT) identified in a 2006 survey about 15,000 fraudulent truck license holders throughout the country. More than 5,000 of them had given up their licenses or had them taken away. So far, 32 states have reported truck license fraud.

The Chicago Tribune reported that one truck driving school inGeorgia paid testers to falsify the results of 623 exams. WhenGeorgia officials discovered the fraud and had all the students retake the exam, only 142 passed. Licensing scams in the trucking industry still have room to grow. There are now 564,000 trucking firms in theUnited States.

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