Side Underride can Cause Serious Injuries

18-wheelers are responsible for transporting essential cargo millions of miles each year, and serve and essential function in our national economy.  Unfortunately, like any other piece of heave machinery, they also pose an inherent risk of injury to others on the road. According to data collected by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), side impact collisions with semi-trucks are responsible for a significant number of injuries each year. Victims who are injured in accidents with semi-trucks may be entitled to significant compensation, and should be certain to consult with an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

Side-Impact Collisions and Side Underride

According to the NTSB, one of the more significant risks associated with a side-impact collision is the risk of underride. Underride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle slides under the trailer of a semi-truck, and have the potential of causing serious injury. These accidents are particularly dangerous because they often fail to engage crumple zones as well airbag deployment mechanisms. In addition, when impact occurs at windshield height, parts of the trailer can enter a passenger vehicle’s passenger compartment, potentially causing extremely serious injuries. To mitigate this risk, the NTSB is recommending that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) adopt regulations that require newly manufactured semi-truck trailers to be equipped with side underride guards that have been tested and shown to reduce the incidence of injury in side-impact collisions.

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People injured in semi-truck accidents may be able to recover significant compensation for their injuries. Potential damages available in a semi-truck accident case include compensation for medical expenses, lost income, loss of quality of life, and property damage, among others. The experienced truck accident attorneys of Shane Smith Law are dedicated to helping people injured by truck driver and trucking company negligence recover for their losses. Call our office today at (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free consultation.

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