The Dangers of Rural Roads

When people think of dangerous roads with high risk for auto accidents, they often picture heavily trafficked city roads and highways.  However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more traffic fatalities and injuries take place on rural roads than urban roads.  In 2007, over 22,000 people died in accidents in rural areas, compared to 17,500 in urban car accidents.  Moreover, 56% of all nonfatal car crashes took place in rural areas.  If you are involved in an accident in a rural area, contact a Sargent auto accident attorney today to discuss your case.

Accidents on two-lane rural roads are more likely to be head-on crashes than urban accidents.  Rural crashes also more often involve single vehicle rollovers or vehicles crashing into fixed objects, such as signs.  These common accidents result from vehicles traveling at high speeds on narrow, often winding and hilly roads with limited visibility, especially at night.  The injuries from these crashes can be serious, and often fatal, especially since it usually takes ambulances and emergency crews more time to reach rural accident sites.

Additional factors leading to serious auto accidents on rural roads include:

  • narrow or non-existent shoulders with nowhere for vehicles to pull over
  • trees, signs, and mailboxes closer to the road's edge
  • uneven surfaces of poorly maintained roads
  • higher speed limits with less obedience to traffic laws
  • flooding or other road drainage problems
  • animals or other debris in the road
  • signs that are faded or inaccurate
  • lack of streetlights
  • hidden intersections with no traffic lights or stop signs.

If you are driving on a rural highway, make sure you take every precaution to avoid an auto accident.  Slow down, use your bright lights, and remain focused on the road to ensure you see any hazards or obstacles.  Should you be injured in a rural accident, make sure to call an auto accident attorney in Sargent today for a free consultation.  Call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to receive the settlement you deserve.

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