The Importance of Experts in a Car Accident Case

When you file a personal injury claim following an auto accident and your claim goes to trial, you will have to present detailed evidence showing the other party was negligent in causing the accident and regarding the full amount of damages you have suffered.  Even if your case does not go to trial, as many do not, experts are important in negotiating fair settlements for you and your injuries.  A Fayette County auto accident attorney knows how to best utilize experts in order to achieve the best outcome for you.    

The following are types of experts who often help in auto accident cases:

  • Accident reconstructionist—This type of expert uses physical evidence and witness statements to recreate the events of the accident.  Advanced computer software helps to determine the speed of the cars, point of collision, and much more.
  • Engineers—If the accident occurred because of a defect or unsafe condition on the roadway, an engineers can analyze and testify to that defect.
  • Medical professionals—Your doctors will have to explain the full extent of your injuries, any resulting complications, and all required treatment you received.  Doctors will also estimate future medical treatment that may be needed and your future ability to work or enjoy everyday life activities.
  • Rehabilitation specialists—This type of professional analyzes your injuries and medical condition and estimates your ability to hold a job in the future, and possible retraining or reeducation that may be required for you to work again.
  • Economists—If you are unable to work because of your injuries, economists help calculate the true amount of damages you have suffered.  They calculate future lost income and benefits by factoring in potential raises, lost retirement benefits, rising medical care costs, inflation, and more.

As you can see, auto accident cases may require experts to properly present many aspects of your case.  An auto accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law knows how to use experts in your favor. Call our office today at (980) 246-2656.

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