Why Drivers Make Unsafe Left Turns at Georgia Intersections

One too many car accidents in Newnan, Georgia, have occurred because a vehicle makes a turn in front of an approaching car. This often happens at intersections when a driver makes an unsafe left-hand turn in front of oncoming traffic. The reason this type of accident occurs is because the driver turning left fails to see or does not recognize that the other driver has the right-of-way, and thus fails to yield.

Vehicles traveling straight through the intersection on a green light have the right-of-way. When another driver pulls out in front of the approaching car, he or she is guilty of making an unsafe left-hand turn. When an intersection left-turn collision occurs, the outcome is often a serious T-bone, side-impact, or even a head-on accident. Because the vehicle going straight through the light is traveling at a higher rate of speed than the turning car, severe injuries or fatalities are often the result.

Recently a Newman man suffered a head injury in a Coweta County car crash on Georgia Highway 34 at the intersection with Fischer Road as he attempted to turn left in front of oncoming traffic. Sadly, he died the next day from his injuries that he sustained in the crash.

Oftentimes these types of car crashes are caused by a driver’s negligence, carelessness, and poor judgment, such as:

  • Driving distracted
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Driving aggressively
  • Driving without glasses and with poor eyesight
  • Trying to squeeze in a turn when it isn’t safe to do so

Unfortunately, many drivers text and drive, can’t see properly, or are only looking out for themselves. Nevertheless, the rule for drivers making left turns at intersections is that they have to yield to oncoming traffic and wait to make a left-hand turn when it is safe to do so.  When drivers use caution and yield to traffic, many Georgia intersection accidents can be avoided.

If you suffered broken bones, arm and leg fractures, head injury, back injury, herniated disc injury, nerve injury, spinal cord injury, or another type of injury from a negligent driver making an unsafe left turn, you may have a legal right to pursue a Georgia personal injury claim for your damages. Call a skilled Coweta County car-accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law for a free consultation at (980) 246-2656 to learn more about your rights.

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