Peachtree City Golf Cart Crash Leaves Teen with Severe Brain Injury

On May 9, 2013, a Peachtree City golf cart crash occurred that involved an underage teenager at the wheel. This accident left one teenager with a severe brain injury and the other facing charges. 

According to the Peachtree City Police, the teenager who was driving the golf cart was traveling too fast down a hill, lost control of the vehicle, and slammed into a tree. Upon impact, the golf cart and 15-year-old passenger Janice Dominguez landed in a ditch. 

Paramedics took Dominguez out of the ditch and took her to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment. Her mother told FOX 5 that her daughter was unconscious for four days. Although she is awake now, she doesn’t remember the crash. Sadly, she suffers from a brain bleed and multiple fractures. 

Janice Dominguez, a Starr’s Mill sophomore, was enjoying her summer break from school when this tragic accident occurred. Now, she faces a long road to recovery, as she is still not able to walk. She also suffered severe injuries to her head and back and remains in the hospital for medical care.

The identity of the teenager driving the golf cart has not been released, but the teen is only 15. According to police, the teen will be charged with underage driving because the law requires a golf cart operator to be 16 to drive without an adult. The teenager also may be charged with serious injury by vehicle, but that may be determined after there is a more confirmed prognosis for Janice Dominguez.

Peachtree City brain injury lawyer Shane Smith wishes Janice Dominguez as complete of a recovery as possible following this horrible accident.

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