Twenty-seven people were injured when a car struck a trailer that was carrying a church group on a hayride.  Two people were seriously injured. 
The Georgia car accident occurred on the evening of Friday, October 15.  The trailer was being slowly pulled along route 64 in Douglas when it was hit by the car.  The crash tossed one passenger into the road.  A second passenger required surgery for multiple fractures in his leg. Twenty-five others sustained minor injuries. 
The hayride driver saw the car approaching, but thought he had plenty of time to travel the distance.  It was dark at the time; it is not known if there was lighting or reflectors on the hay ride trailer.
There are many types of vehicles.  Drivers and passengers on mopeds, bicycles, ATV’s, even horses and buggies have rights if they are injured in an accident that was someone else's fault.  If the car driver is at fault for the hayride accident, his insurance company should cover the medical costs and property damage of the injured passengers.  If the driver of the hayride is at fault, his business or property insurance is liable for those damages.
If you have minor injuries, you probably don’t need an attorney. But, if you have been seriously injured in any type of Georgia motor vehicle accident, speaking a lawyer is a good way to learn about your rights. Contact Atlanta personal injury attorney Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 to learn more.

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