If you are involved in a Georgia truck accident, you may sustain serious injuries.  If you are seriously injured, I suggest you stay still and wait to be rescued.  Moving can cause you further injury.  However, if you have minor injuries and are able to do so, these three steps can help your Atlanta truck accident claim:
1. Check to see if anyone is injured.  Call 911 and report any injuries.  Truck accidents usually involve large amounts of damage and injury, so police must be called.
2.  If you can, take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries.  These will be used by your Atlanta trucking accident attorney to determine how they accident occurred and who is responsible.  They will also be used as documentation of the damages you have suffered.
3. See a doctor.  The doctor will document your injuries and check for hidden injuries that can cause complications in the future.  Many insurance companies require medical documentation of injuries before they will pay damages.  Visiting a doctor provides you with documentation.
4. Contact an Atlanta trucking accident attorney. An attorney will represent you and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. He will make sure your claim is protected and will take the trucking company or insurance company to court if necessary to get you a fair settlement.
To learn more about Atlanta trucking accidents, read "The Top Ten Causes Of Atlanta Large Truck Crashes".
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