If you aren’t at fault for an accident, it doesn’t guarantee the claims process will go smoothly. But there may be things you can do to help your case and things you shouldn’t do that may hurt it. The best way to avoid potential problems may be to seek legal counsel from a personal injury law firm in Atlanta. 

Dealing with an insurance adjuster can sometimes be confusing. Although he or she might come across as friendly, you need to remember that insurance settlement tactics may be used against you to reduce settlement value. 

Four Things You Shouldn’t Do When Dealing with Insurance Company 

The following are four things you should avoid doing when you are talking with the insurance company about your claim: 

  • agreeing to sign documents without first speaking to an attorney;
  • outright admitting fault or even suggesting it;
  • lying about the facts of the case; and
  • accepting the first offer you are given. 

The insurance company has a responsibility to provide coverage when you are not at fault for an accident, and yours may offer coverage in the period between the accident and when the claim is settled. Despite this, attempts may be made on the part of the insurance company to diminish compensation or even deny it.  

Contacting a Personal Injury Law Firm in Atlanta 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), statistics from 2010 indicate there were 1,986,000 persons injured in passenger vehicles in 2010. That came to 835 injuries per 100,000 registered vehicles. While we don’t know what caused these accidents, we might assume that a large majority of these cases resulted in claims being filed. 

To learn how you can protect your legal rights, seek help from an attorney at the Shane Smith Law at 770-487-8999. You may have the right to compensation for damages if you were found to not be at-fault for the accident.

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