You can run into a variety of insurance claim problems after an accident, one of which may be the insurance adjuster. Seek legal guidance from a personal injury attorney in Atlanta when pursuing a claim and dealing with the insurance company’s representatives. 

Negotiating with the Insurance Company 

Remember that you and the insurance adjuster have two entirely different goals. You want to get the most you can and the adjuster wants to pay the least they can. Negotiating a fair settlement can be a significant challenge. 

The following are four tips for negotiating your auto insurance claim: 

  • Organize and inform yourself. Prior to your discussions with an adjuster, make sure all documents and evidence are organized and you understand how insurance claim settlements are calculated.
  • Don’t settle too soon. It may take a little while before you realize the true cost of the damages you experience. Resist the adjuster’s attempts to get you to settle before you calculate all damages.
  • Know your damages. Make sure you have a firm understanding of your damages. Calculate medical bills, lost wages, and even non-economic damages. Don’t be afraid to ask for a large amount initially. This is often part of the negotiating process and can help you arrive at a fair settlement.
  • Consult an attorney. There’s a lot involved with accident claims, much of which you may not be aware or fully comprehend. A personal injury attorney in Atlanta can help clarify things and help you through the process. 

Protecting Yourself in the Event of an Accident 

According to, the average premiums paid on insurance claims in the U.S. is $1,725.34. The state of Georgia is slightly above that with an average of $1,778.18. 

But that isn’t the only way you can protect yourself. You should also consider some of the mistakes that can lead to insurance claim problems so that you can try to avoid them.  

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