Our attorneys recently wrote an article revealing the top five causes of Georgia wrongful death cases; however, there are many causes of wrongful death, including:

  1. Aviation accidents – Equipment malfunction or failure to follow safety procedures could have caused an airplane accident and the death of your loved one. Airlines could be responsible for wrongful death.
  2. Boating accidents – Just like car accidents, boaters have been known to get behind the wheel of their boats drunk. If a boating accident claimed your loved due to an intoxicated boater, lack of maintenance, or boat malfunction, you may have a wrongful death case against the boat owner or the manufacturer.
  3. Truck accidents – Trucking accidents are a little different than auto accidents because trucking companies and truckers have a strict set of rules to follow. If they fail to maintain the truck or follow the hours-of-service rules, weight limits, or other regulations, they may be liable for wrongful death.
  4. Birth injury – When an infant or a mother dies during childbirth, it could have been caused due to a medical professional’s negligence.
  5. Premises liability – When a property owner fails to fix a known safety hazard, or fails to cover a pool or gate it, they can be held liable for a drowning or slip-and-fall wrongful death.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death in Georgia, you and your family need to meet with a skilled Peachtree City wrongful death attorney immediately. Shane Smith Law is passionate about helping families who have been harmed, and we can help you make a claim and get the maximum compensation that you are entitled to that will help cover the financial loss your family experienced as a result of your loved one’s death. Please call for a free consultation at (770) 487-8999 today.

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