After a pedestrian accident leads to a child injury, seeking legal counsel is important. This is especially true if the injury was severe or fatal. An attorney can review the circumstances of the case to help determine if you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Consider these other five steps to take after the accident. 

5 Steps to Take after a Child Pedestrian Accident 

The first step is to seek immediate medical attention. In many cases, emergency services will be required to treat injuries, but even if the child does not appear injured, make sure the child is seen as soon as possible by a physician for an evaluation. 

The second step is to talk with anyone involved or ask somebody (friend or family member also at the scene, for example) to do so for you as you tend to your child. Make sure you obtain contact information of the driver and any witnesses of the accident whether by talking with them or through an accident report. 

The third step is to get as much information as you can about what happened to cause the pedestrian accident. If you were there, write down what you saw, who was involved and the types of injuries that were immediately evident. 

The fourth step is to preserve all evidence. Pictures and police reports are a couple of examples that may be helpful when filing a claim to demonstrate the driver's negligence. 

Finally, make sure that you collect and organize your documents. This includes medical reports, hospital bills, x-rays and other information pertaining to the child's injuries and related expenses. 

Seeking Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), of all pedestrian injuries that occurred in 2010, 23 percent involved children 15 years old and younger. The same age group accounted for 7 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes. 

After a child injury, contact the Shane Smith Law at 1-888-927-6955. We can review your case involving a child injury following a pedestrian accident to determine if compensation may be available.

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