A premises liability accident is caused by a dangerous or defective property that can be either within or outside a building. It can include a hazardous condition that the property owner or property possessor failed to repair or ameliorate, which led to injuries on their premises. A Roswell premises liability accident could include slip and fall accidents, objects falling from overhead, staircase accidents, escalator and elevator accidents, dog bites, swimming pool drowning, and more.

Sadly, many people who are victims of premises liability accidents do not know what to do immediately after their accident. This is why Shane Smith Law would like to provide a quick snapshot of what should be done in each case, including:

  • Call the police to report the accident
  • Ask for paramedics to come if you are injured and seek medical attention
  • Report the accident to the property owner, store manager, or landlord
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries (this can be done with your cell phone camera)
  • Gather evidence including names and numbers of all witnesses
  • Take notes about how the accident occurred, what shoes you were wearing if you fell, and what you can remember about the accident
  • Keep all clothing that may have evidence of your injury
  • Talk with a skilled premises liability attorney to find out about your rights

Getting medical attention and speaking with a lawyer immediately after the accident are the two most critical things you can do to help your case. If you delay getting medical treatment, it can hurt your case. And, if your delay hiring a lawyer, he may not be able to thoroughly investigate your case. For help with your potential Roswell premises liability case, call Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a complimentary consultation today.

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