During the process of settling a truck accident claim in Columbus, Georgia, you may hear the term “surety bond” being used in regards to insurance coverage. A surety bond is an additional method that motor carriers have of insuring their vehicles in the event of an accident. 

A surety bond is an agreement to pay on a contract up to the value of the bond, should the contract be violated. In this case, the contract would be a motor carrier’s duty to maintain the safe operation of their trucks. When one of their vehicles is involved in an accident and causes serious damages, the surety bond is designed to cover those costs. 

Federal regulations require surety bonds to be issued in the same amounts as the federal motor carrier insurance minimums. Trucks weighing more than 10,001 pounds that carry non-hazardous materials must have $750,000 minimum in surety bond coverage. For trucks weighing more than 10,001 pounds that carry hazardous materials, the minimum limits can vary from $1 million to $5 million, depending on the type of materials and containers transported. 

The types of injuries sustained in truck accidents are often more costly than passenger vehicle accidents due to the severity of the injuries and higher risk of fatality. This often results in higher claim values, which may not always be compensated if the truck company failed to maintain the minimum coverage or beyond. 

While Georgia auto insurance laws require all drivers to carry insurance for both passenger and commercial vehicles, not all drivers are compliant. In difficult cases of uninsured or underinsured drivers, it is important to have an Atlanta personal injury attorney, familiar with truck accident cases, help you settle your injury claim.  

Find the Right Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney for Your Claim 

When your family must recover from the impact that a serious truck accident can have on your lives, you don’t have time to wonder how the Georgia auto insurance laws may affect your personal injury claim. At Shane Smith Law, we help truck accident victims seek justice after they’ve suffered injury and losses due to negligent drivers. 

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