If you have been injured in an Atlanta car crash, you may find yourself waiting to hear from the insurance company.  Be prepared; delaying claims is a common tactic used to minimize Georgia accident settlements.
Insurance company adjusters are trained to handle claims in the way that best benefits the insurance company they work for.  Their goal is to resolve claims as quickly as possible and for the least amount of money possible.  
How does delaying claims help the insurance company?
An accident can put your life on hold.  While you are recovering from your injuries, you also need to get your car repaired.  You may need a rental car while your car is in the shop.  If another driver is responsible for the crash, you may need to work with their insurance company to get these expenses covered.
When you call the insurance company, they may say:

"We have not accepted liability on behalf of our insured"
"We have no one available to look at your car at this time"
"We need to contact your insurance company"
 "Your claim is still under investigation
These delays allow the insurance company time to look for an excuse not to pay.  Meanwhile, you are dependent on others for transportation.  So, what do you do if the insurance adjustor offers excuses?
Contact Shane Smith Law. Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.  To learn more, call 770-HURT-999.
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