Three school busses were involved in a Gwinnett County traffic accident on Monday, April 25.  The accident took place at the intersection of Rockbridge Road and Rockbridge Way just after 9 a.m. A special needs school bus was stopped behind another school bus that was loading children, when a third school bus rear-ended the special needs bus.  Ten children were treated for back pain. The driver will be cited for following too closely.
The children's back injuries may have been prevented if they had been wearing seat belts.  Many parents wonder,  "Why don't school busses have seat belts?"

School officials say that the compartmentalization of school busses makes them safer than other vehicles.  
The National Coalition for School Bus Safety works to improve school bus safety.  They are the nation's largest advocate for seat belts on school buses.  They say that compartmentalization only protects children in head-on collisions, but does offer protection in roll-over, side-impact and rear-end crashes. seat belts are on school buses have been endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, American College of Preventative Medicine, Physicians for Automotive Safety, and Center for Auto Safety.
School bus design has not changed in more than 30 years.  We know a lot more about safety now.  Doesn't it seem like it is time for an update?
To learn more about school bus accidents, read the article "Tips To Prevent Georgia School Bus Accidents And Injury" from Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith.
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