Just because someone falls on another person’s property and gets injured, it doesn’t automatically make that property owner liable. Yes, property owners do have a duty of care to keep their property safe and free from hazards so that people on their premises remain safe. However, everyone who walks onto that property owner’s premises has a responsibility to walk safely, wear the appropriate shoes, and watch where they are going.

In general, slip and fall accidents may occur from dangerous conditions on someone else’s premises, such as:

  • Spilled liquid
  • Broken stairs
  • Uneven or cracked ground
  • Loose rugs or mats
  • Debris on the floor
  • Potholes or hidden holes in the floor
  • Poor lighting

In order to find the property owner responsible for your fall and injuries, you must establish that a hazardous condition, such as one of the examples above, or a defective condition, or design flaw caused your fall. You also have to prove that the property possessor had knowledge of the hazard, or enough time had lapsed to where it should have been discovered, and the hazardous condition was not corrected. Establishing proof can be hard to do on your own, it typically requires an investigation by an experienced Georgia slip and fall lawyer.

If you have fallen on someone else’s property and have suffered a broken bone, back injury, knee injury, brain injury, or another type of injury, it is important to seek medical attention and call a knowledgeable Atlanta premises liability lawyer. Shane Smith Law can be reached at 770-HURT-999 for a complimentary case consultation today.

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