When going up and down stairs—whether it is at home, work, the mall, or other another location—you most likely use the handrails to help guide you while you walk, step, and balance. Handrails are designed to provide support and aid people in ascending or descending stairs; It may not surprise, then, that a Roswell slip and fall accident is more likely to occur when handrails are missing.

Missing handrails or poor functioning rails have contributed to stair accidents in Georgia and nationwide. While most stairwell accidents result in sprains, some falls related to hazardous stairwells and lack of handrails produce serious injuries and even death.

While some people may trip and fall due to their own carelessness or from going down the stairs too fast, fall accidents also happen from the negligence—the lack of actions—of property owners. In many staircase accidents, one of the following factors has been found:

  • Missing screws or bolts in the handrail
  • Loose handrail
  • Inaccessible handrail
  • Missing section of the handrail
  • Missing handrail altogether

When the above factors are found, it is because the property owner, maintenance company, or property possessor did not maintain the premises or keep it safe and free from danger. If you fell down the stairs due to a defective handrail, missing handrail, or hazardous stairwell, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.

To find out more, call a skilled Roswell slip and fall attorney at Shane Smith Law as soon as possible. You will need a lawyer to begin investigating your accident site immediately—before repairs have been made. Call 770-HURT-999 today for a complimentary case consultation and find out more about your rights.

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