Did you know that your risk of dying in a crash might depend on the state you live in? Would you be surprised to learn that Wyoming, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas residents are the most likely to die in a car crash while residents of Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Illinois are least likely? Why?
Researchers believe that these statistics reflect the fact that urban roads are safer than country roads.  Recent data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration shows that about 56% of fatal car accidents in the United States occur on rural highways. In fact, even in states where the average car crash death rate is low, the death rate in rural areas is more than twice that of urban areas.
There are several reasons for this: 

  • Roads in urban areas have lower speed limits.
  • Urban roads are more likely to have safety engineering features such as divided highways.
  • There is faster access to emergency medical care.
Georgia's car crash rate for 2009 was 13.1 highway fatalities per 1,000 population. This is higher than the national average of 11 car crash deaths per 1,000 population and may reflect the fact that much of Georgia is rural. In 2008, 635 of 1,368 fatal Georgia car accidents (46%) occurred on rural highways.
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