Why should you avoid giving a short recorded statment to the insurance company adjuster in your car accident case?

First remember the insurance adjuter's job is to settle your case for as little as possble.  Every dollar they save is a dollar more for their company.  For a full explanation of why you shouldn't do this, read my full article here.

     The short listis:
     Using your words against you in court later
     Using the fact that you said you were doing okay to say you were not hurt
     Saying that you didn't mention an injury on there for they wont pay
     Twisting your words around

Short example - before he was a client - he gave the adjuster a statment where he said he had drank a beer before the wreck.  The officer didn't think my client was drunk, the officer tested my client and he wasn't drunk.  My client didn't think he was drunk.  The insurance company tried to blame my client for the car accident because he had a beer at his friends house and their insured drove into his car after running a stop sign.

Short Advice - Don't give a recorded statement
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