If you look through the yellow pages you will frequently see a personal injury lawyer who has an ad that says they aggressively represent car accident victims to get the maximum amount of money for the injured client.  Normally, there is nothing to back it up.  We file lawsuits in our personal injury cases that we are unable to settle.  My goal is to aggressively represent my clients and get them fair settlement offers.  This is what a personal injury lawyer should do for their clients.  It is what they are hired to do.

     Undoubtedly, we are gaining a reputation for fighting for our clients and suing on their behalf when the settlement offers are unfair.  Today when we settled an Atlanta Car Accident Personal Injury Case the adjuster (who works at one of the big insurance companies) stated, "Finally, I settled one with Shane Smith instead of him suing everybody". 

     I firmly believe that a reputation for aggressively fighting for your clients results in better settlements for all of your personal injury clients.  That is why we file lawsuits when the insurance companies make "low ball" offers or bad offers.  I am glad to know that it is working for my personal injury clients.

     I cannot guarantee any result in your personal injury case, but I can tell you that I will fight to make sure you receive a fair offer.  You will be the one to make the decisions to settle or go to court. 
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