Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith, an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney who limits his practice to Car Wrecks, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, DUI Victims, Slip and Falls, and other injuries relating to Back and Neck Injuries

     Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Shane Smith and his client V.R. recently went to mediation on a local Coweta County Case.  Shane's client was struck in a rearend collision by some on prescription drugs who was later charged and convicted of DUI or driving while less safe.  V.R. required treatment at the emergency room and saw a local chiropractor Matt Davis from Cross Roads Chiropractic.  After a long fight against the insurance company the case was settled at mediation for four times the initial offer.  Shane believes the reason was that we continually fought for punitive damages in this case because the defendant was convicted of DUI.  V. R. had needed treatment for back and neck pain.  Find out the details about this fight and this case by checking out our case results page. 
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