If you have been injured in an Atlanta car accident, expect a phone call from an insurance adjuster. What you say to the adjuster can affect the value of your Georgia injury claim. Atlanta car wreck attorney Shane Smith offers these tips: 
1. Remember, no matter how friendly he seems, the insurance adjuster is not your friend. His goal is to save his company money.
2. The insurance adjuster may pressure you to settle your claim early. Never settle before you know the full extent of your medical bills.
3. Never agree to a recorded statement. Insurance companies may use what you say as evidence that you are not as injured as you claim.  Learn more in our article, "Ask a Fulton County Car Crash Attorney: Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Car Insurance Company?"
4. See a lawyer. Georgia injury victims who hire an attorney receive an average settlement that is three times larger than that received by victims who represent themselves. To schedule a free consultation, contact Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999.
5. Don't sign anything or agree to a settlement until you've talked to an Atlanta car wreck attorney. You don't want to give up any of your rights. To learn about common mistakes made by accident victims, request a free copy of Shane Smith's book, 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case.
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