Each year, approximately 50% of all fatalities attributed to motor vehicle accidents could be prevented if the victims had been wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, the consequences of an Atlanta car accident involve more than injuries and death. The financial toll to the victims, tax payers, and government are enormous as well. If even just one more percent of the total population would wear safety belts when travelling, nearly $100 million in costs could be saved annually.

What are the financial costs associated with the failure to wear a seat belt?

  • Short-term medical expenses.

Studies have proven that the failure to wear a seat belt results in more serious injuries following an Atlanta car wreck. The more serious the injury, the more intensive the necessary medical treatments will be, increasing the total cost of treatment.

  • Long-term medical expenses.

Serious injuries often result in long-term medical needs, such as in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation, mental or social disabilities, or repeated surgeries and treatments.

  • Legal fees.

The more serious the injury resulting from an Atlanta auto accident, the higher the legal costs will be if a victim opts to pursue a claim for damages. This may involve disputes with insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, or other motorists.

  • Insurance.

Underinsured motorists often represent un-reimbursable expenses that a hospital must absorb. The costs can be enormous, given that victims involved in a car accident without wearing a seat belt often suffer catastrophic injuries.

  • Loss of income.

The victim’s inability to work can result in a dramatic loss of income for his or her family.

If you were involved in an Atlanta auto accident, it is essential that you have a legal professional evaluate your potential for damages. Contact the Atlanta car accident attorney experts at the 404-513-5415 for a free consultation.

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