Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Shane Smith launches a new website for his clients who were hit by a drunk or drugged driver and hurt in the car accident.  In order to provide information about the criminal DUI case and how it impacts the victims of drunk driving and explain the civil process where the victims of DUI's receive compensation for their injuries, atlanta lawyer Shane Smith has launched his new website GA DUI Victims. 

     Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Shane Smith dedicates a significant amount of his personal law practice to helping people who were hit by Drunk or Drugged Drivers receive fair value for their cases.  After looking at many lawyer websites, he found that there was not a lot of information present to help clients understand what goes on in the criminal DUI case, what the punishments would likely be to the drunk driver, or how this impacted the civil or bodily injury and personal injury case.  Also, other than referring people hurt over to MADD, their was nothing talking about the emotional impact of being hit by a drunk driver. 

     Through years of talking to those involved in drunk, and drugged driving accidents, Attorney Shane Smith knows that the emotional impact can sometimes be worse then the physical injuries involved.  Emotionally, many victims are angry and need to know that this is justified.  I hope the information here is helpful and if you can think of anything else, I need to post that would be helpful, please email me at [email protected]


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