When a family member receives the news that his or her loved one has cancer, or when a loved one has reached an age where death is expected, it is normal for others to begin saying their goodbyes and begin the grieving process before that person actually passes away. This is considered anticipatory grief.

However, when a family member dies suddenly in a violent way—such as a victim of a Georgia drunk driving crash, the death of that loved one is considered a traumatic death. Grieving a traumatic death is very painful due to the fact that the deceased’s loved ones didn’t have an opportunity to say goodbye or mentally prepare for the loss.

Differences of a Sudden Death Versus an Expected Death

In an expected or anticipated death, family members may be angry with the prognosis and saddened that their loved one will die. However, they can make amends for any past hurts and express love for their family member. This type of death, although still hard, is considered the better of the two for those who are left behind because of the opportunity to resolve feelings and come to terms with the fact that the death will occur, which cushions the impact.

In a sudden or traumatic death, loved ones don’t get to come to grips with the fact that their loved one will die until it has already occurred. They don’t get to say goodbye or prepare for the death of their family member. A traumatic death can be extremely difficult for loved ones to cope with and to grieve. 

If your loved one was a Georgia DUI victim and was taken from you by an intoxicated driver, you should hold the negligent driver responsible and be compensated for your losses.

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