DUI Car Accident Victims ask me this all the time -

Is it alright to be angry at the drunk driver who hit me?

     My answer -as an Atlanta DUI victims advocate - is that it is perectly normal to be angry at the drunk driver who caused your car accident.  Unlike normal car accidents, a drunk driver chooses to drink and drive.  There are a huge amount of resources for people in Atlanta who find themselves drunker than they thought.  If someone chooses to drink and drive - they choose to endanger your life and that of anyone else on the road. 
    Anger is normal in these types of cases.  It is also normal to feel sorry for the person.  Either emotion happens to people who were hit by drunk drivers.  It is even normal to go from one to the other, and back again.  Just don't expect the criminal drunk driving case to bring you justice or even the local victims rights groups.  If you want justice and closure or even an appropriate punishment find out why the civil court case is the best chance for justice against a drunk driver .
Shane Smith
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