If you have been hurt in an Atlanta pedestrian accident, then you know that negligent drivers are the primary reason why pedestrians are injured each year. Although there are the rare occasions in which careless pedestrians have caused their own accidents and injuries, the majority of pedestrian injuries in Georgia occur from negligent, speeding drivers.

Can anything be done to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents and injuries?

Aside from drivers slowing down and paying better attention to the road and to pedestrians who cross the street, here are some other things that could help:

  • More crosswalks
  • Flashing school crossing signs
  • Better pedestrian signs
  • More radar speed displays
  • More police enforcement to crack down on speeding

Police did set up a sting last month in downtown Atlanta where they caught many drivers failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. While an increased police presence does help reduce pedestrian accidents, police cannot patrol every street every day; there simply are not enough policemen to go around. 

We need to work together to minimize pedestrian accidents and injuries, which include:

  • Pedestrians who walk defensively
  • Drivers who drive the posted speed limit and who watch for pedestrians
  • City officials who educate the public and set up more sting operations to communicate the message

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