At the end of 2011, new rules were passed to help prevent truck driver fatigue. With this being a common problem and one that can lead to devastating consequences, continued efforts are being made to combat it. If you were seriously injured in an accident, contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney for help with a personal injury lawsuit.

The new rules are that a driver’s workweek is limited to 70 hours maximum and a 30 minute break must be taken after driving 8 hours. There may be other regulations that apply, which an Atlanta personal injury attorney can discuss with you.

The issue is that too many drivers are spending large amounts of time on the road without resting. Driver fatigue increases the chance of an accident. One of the ways you can determine if a truck driver has violated the rules of driving/rest time, is by looking at their driver’s duty book or black box, if there was one onboard.

Proving a truck driver was fatigued isn’t easy. This is why securing legal help is the best way to learn what types of evidence may be available.

If you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against a truck driver after an accident, auto accident lawyers in Atlanta may be able help obtain the driver’s duty book. This, along with other documentation, can be very helpful as evidence. 

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