Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith, an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney who limits his practice to Car Wrecks, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, DUI Victims, Slip and Falls, and other injuries relating to Back and Neck Injuries

     Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith talks about the second most common mistake people make on their Auto Accident Claim which is failing to repair their vehcile.  Find out the main reasons why failing to do this could cost thousands on a auto accident claim or personal injury claim

The reasons this can cost you are :

     - The car insurance company uses property damage as a guideline for how much your settlement should be
     - Hidden damage can show up after you settle the property damage claim and they wont pay to fix it
     - The amount of the damage to the car is used as a baseline for how long you should treat for any back and neck soft tissue injuries
     - The property damage amount is used to determine what is reasonable for the amount of your medical bills
     - Failing to repair the car can be interpreted as desperate to settle which results in a "low ball" offer from the car insurance company
     - Failing to repair the vehicle could unfairly classify your auto accident claim as a MIST or Minor Impact Soft Tissue Claim 

Find out the reasons behind these and many other reasons why to have a successful auto accident claim you must get your vehicle repaired.  Read this article for more information.
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