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     What is the first major mistake people make during the car accident settlement process?

The first mistake people make is not doing enough at the scene of the auto accident.  There are a number of things that everyone who is involved in a car accident should do before they ever leave the scene of the collision.  Some of the major mistakes people make are:

-  People decide not to file an accident report with the police
-  People don't get a witness's name, address, or phone number
-  People move their vehicle before the police officer arrives at the scene
-  People don't take any pictures of the scene of the car accident or the vehicles
-  People say I'm not hurt when they really are

     Find out the reasons why all of these are quick ways to reduce what you will get for your car accident claim or bodily injury claim in Atlanta or Georgia.  These mistakes are discussed in detail in the attached article from Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Shane Smith's Free Book discussing Bodily Injury Claims in Georgia. 
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Automobile crash incident can often leave the scene of a collision pain-free, only to experience severe pain a few days later. Emergency room visits help substantiate injury claims; and provide the victims with documented medical records to successful fight and win a client's case. Individuals who have been hurt on the job, in a nursing or healthcare facility, or in a motor vehicle collision should exercise their legal right to pursue monetary compensation for injuries.
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