According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of accidents related to blind spot hazards has been underestimated for years. A new federal study estimates that 800,000 annual accidents are related to blind spot hazards. The number of people injured or killed is likely also higher as such accidents frequently occur on freeways and highways and involve multiple vehicles.

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Auto manufacturers have offered blind spot safety technology options that can help prevent accidents caused by blind spots. The technology does not come standard in many makes or models but can include active monitoring such as radar and camera detection or passive monitoring such as convex mirrors.

Active blind spot monitoring utilizes an electronic detection device on the sides of the vehicle, often near the external rear view mirrors or the rear bumper. The monitors generate computer images that are analyzed by an internal computer system. When these monitoring devices detect a vehicle that is within the measured area a warning is made to the driver through an audible alarm or a flashing light. Advanced systems are designed to take control of the vehicle and make steering or braking adjustments.

Passive blind spot monitoring utilize a convex mirror in the corner of a normal rear view mirror. This permits a driver to see objects in a blind spot. 

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